Learn Color Correction from Working Colorists

ICA classes are typically small and personal, and all the instructors have many years of experience to share. Books and videos are helpful resources but they can never replace first hand knowledge and someone to answer your questions.

We conduct classes regularly in Los Angeles, New York, London, Sydney, Singapore, and other major media markets around the world. We can also conduct custom classes on-site.

Our courses are geared towards colorists and post-production facilities and are delivered by independent colorists located around the world. Topics range from color theory and digital intermediate and film workflows, to telecine and lab grading, client interaction, and looks and styles. We also offer specialized courses that get into everything you need to know to get the most out of specific manufacturers’ color grading systems.

Meet Our Instructors

Warren Eagles

Instructor | Freelance Colorist

He is a freelance colorist based in Australia. He has an extensive 25 year career with experience in all forms of color correction. Starting out as a photographers’ assistant in London’s West End straight from school, he knew from an early age that he wanted to be involved in a visual industry. Moved to top Soho post house Visions in 1987 where he started as a Colorist working on a mixture of long and short form projects. Warren started the Telecine department at Todd AO in 1994 combining closely with their new film lab. He then moved to SVC for a new challenge, grading high end TV commercials on the DaVinci 888, having previously been a Pandora Pogle user.

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Kevin Shaw

Instructor | Colorist

He has been color grading for 30 years, lives in England, and works all over the world as a colorist, restoration specialist, technologist, consultant and instructor. Kevin is equally at home working on DI Feature productions, TV episodic programming and for three years headed up the BBC S&PP restoration team.  Prior to the software revolution he was a renowned telecine colorist, and worked with every model of the hardware da Vinci color correction systems up to and including the 2kPlus with Toolbox. In those days he concentrated on high-end commercials.

Website : http://www.finalcolor.com/

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Let our students tell you how the ICA has helped them

“Warren is a top-notch instructor who has the expertise, and the patience (in my case) to get the message across. I learned a lot in just a couple of days, and feel confident that no Resolve grading job is too challenging for me now.”

Gerard Ward | Colourist / http://www.ColourGrade.tv | New Zealand

“It’s great to be trained by a real colorist!”

Hiro Sugiyama | Senior Colorist / Sound City | Tokyo, Japan

“Warren’s class was a great learning experience for me, even though I’m an Online Editor / Colorist with over 13 years Broadcast TV experience. He has a wealth of knowledge and a great way of communicating concepts in an easy going and relaxed way. I highly recommend his courses!”

Ra-ey Saleh | Senior Online Editor / Colorist / Beyond Productions, Australia | ra_eysaleh@hotmail.com

“Essential class for starting colorists. Covers both theoretical and practical approach of color wizardry.”

Simon Robbrecht / Belgium | simonrobbrecht@me.com

“A really detailed and well structured course delivered with clarity, I’d recommend it to anyone wishing to strengthen their digital grading theory.”

Kenny Gibb | Freelance Colorist / London | kenny@ksjt.co.uk

“Absolutely perfect to get deeper into the theoretical perspective of color grading. Gives a good foundation to work and be creative from.”

Daniel Bredgaard / Denmark | Daniel@baconcph.com

“The Resolve classes were not just a great way to advance my skills using DaVinci Resolve but more importantly an opportunity to share ideas, concerns and break routine with new approaches. While you can just as easily learn the operations of a program online, you get so much more out of a shared learning environment lead by professionals, learning with other professionals of varying experience and backgrounds. Warren leads his courses with great insight, passion, and a respect for every course attendee.”

Zachary Cox | Freelance Colorist / Toronto, Canada | zachcox1@gmail.com

“The Colorist Strategies course was great, the problem solving tips and tricks Kevin taught are extremely useful everyday, and gave me a new perspective on making great looking pictures.”

Joel Signer | Optimus / Chicago, USA | joel@optimus.com

“The International Colorist Academy teaches us to analyze an image in a creative way as well as in a technical way. Then combines the two to create amazing looks.”

Ronen Pestes | Freelance Colorist / USA | film@ronenpestes.com

“A very thorough class, full of information about color theory and techniques for color grading. Highly recommended.”

Mario Pantin / Venezuela | mjpantin@gmail.com

“The course was really a turning point on my career, having the chance to review all the theory involved in color grading was amazing, all the people at the class were so motivated and focused on learning. I had an amazing feedback from other professionals around the world. If you want to became a world class colorist you must do these courses. Congrats Kevin you’re a great teacher!”

Daniel Astorga Castro / Chile | dastorga@atomica.cl

“As a beginner colorist it was great to learn about all kinds of workflow from a colorist as experienced as Kevin Shaw.”

Ricardo Santos / Brazil | ricardo.guarany@gmail.com

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ICA instructors can’t wait to teach you the amazing color correction classes here in Bangkok.

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