PMB offers complete Film,
Video and Commercial
Services in Thailand

PMB concentrates on the building and support of the film, TV Services, video games other and commercial services in Thailand. Apart from the services and products offered (listed below)



Post Production




PMB is a new company that arose from the ashes of COVID. It was created out of the need to create new working and teaching environments. PMB concentrates on the building and support of the film, TV Services, video games other and commercial services in Thailand. Apart from the services and products offered (listed below)

PMB offers short courses and skill programs which are conducted either through Zoom, Direct face to face contact with the teacher or by Both modes of teaching. The aim to improve the individual’s skills - is to complement the practical and problems confronted at work with the relevant theoretical knowledge gained through the courses, all of which will be conducted and taught by a working professional.


A full Film Production Service is offered and this includes ensuring the investor is aware of inducements (if any) available for making Thailand the base of film production. We hope to be involved in a wide variety of productions from creative stories, those that inspire action, creative movies to corporate commercials and live-streaming. We will measure our creativity against effectiveness and will support all technical, creative and production aspects to help ensure that all the different aspects work towards the same goal.

The services supported include, amongst others, Consultations; obtaining licenses, permits; Scouting and Arrangement of shoots; Crew employment; Accounting; Applications to apply for available Incentives e.g. cash incentives offered by the Thailand Film Office for companies that use Thailand as their base to produce films.

The aim is to deliver a Creative and Hassle-free TVC Production Service for your company, helping to compile the contents for broadcast, documentary screening, branding, promotional and corporate video projects.

Post Production


Final Color: This Post- Production service rendered by colorists who produce and meet the Color requirements set by even the most innovative and creative clients. All colorists used by PMB who are working professionals who are aware of and able to cope with the demands that are made on them.

Color Grade services are offered in the Post-Production phase to produce the same color grades of the films as the cinemas.

Off Line Editing is carried out during the Post- Production face. Here raw footage from film making and television footage is copied and the editing process carried on off line and on the copy made from the raw footage.

Video Subtitle: Here PMB caters for the entire range of services. These services include the production and inclusion of appropriate subtitles, editing, adjustment and synchronization of subtitles for videos as required.


Sound mixing: Audio mixing can be carried out for music, film, television and live sound by the sound engineer.

DCP Mastering: Movie files are encoded and converted before sending them to the movies.

Visual Effects: This is the creation of effects by the integration of live action footage with either other live action footage or computer generated (C.G.) elements to create other realistic imagery (VFX)

Creative Design: These spontaneous designs can be created by team members


Meetings, Incentive Travel, Conventions and Exhibitions

PMB has acquired expertise to act as an Event Creator and become your strategic representative and/or partner in Thailand’s exhibition industry. We will be able to transform your concepts into reality and effectively represent both you and your client at the Convention, during the different Meetings and guide and assist the finalization of deals and/or friendship at the various functions.

There are multitude of reasons for the selection of Thailand as a base for film production, conventions meetings etc. There are also varied interests in the foods, history, culture training etc. The variety of placed, things, people, knowledge interest of the individuals are indeed vast and best served by the Tourist Department


We inspire and train students for a rewarding career and ensure that companies achieve high retention rates, we believe the future looks good for everyone. Together, we bring inspiration and innovation to every students and professional development in the world.