About Warren

Warren Eagles is a freelance colorist based in Australia. He has an extensive 25 year career with experience in all forms of color correction. Starting out as a photographers’ assistant in London’s West End straight from school, he knew from an early age that he wanted to be involved in a visual industry. Moved to top Soho post house Visions in 1987 where he started as a Colorist working on a mixture of long and short form projects. Warren started the Telecine department at Todd AO in 1994 combining closely with their new film lab. He then moved to SVC for a new challenge, grading high end TV commercials on the DaVinci 888, having previously been a Pandora Pogle user.

Around this time Warren was hired by DaVinci on a freelance basis to conduct onsite Colorist training for new customers in Europe. The chance came to go to Australia in 1999 for a three month contract……he is still there! Now a Resolve owner/operator he runs his own shop and splits his time between grading and running training classes with the ICA. His credits include commercials for Qantas, Ford, Mitsubishi, Revlon, and Tooheys, mainstream UK and Australian dramas and documentaries including the first Australian DI movie “Blurred” and Guy Ritchie’s cult movie “Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels“.

Warren founded the ICA with Kevin Shaw in 2009 and has so far conducted over 50 classes worldwide. He enjoys the challenges of working on different types of projects with new clients in both the coloring and training environments.

When not working he gets out on the water and is a keen wakeboarder and boating enthusiast.

Forever First Love Trailer

Shot in the Philippines on the Alexa Mini.
Director: Luke Mayze
DP: Shing-Fung Cheung
Grade: Warren Eagles
Produced by Janelle Rayner and Carmel Savage

Monsters of Man Trailer

Robotics company teams up with a corrupt CIA agent trying to position themselves to win a lucrative military contract. Due for release on December 8th 2020.

Shot on RED
Director: Mark Toia
DP: Mark Toia and Tony O’loughlan
Producer: Pam Colis
Executive Producer: Carolyn Toia
Grade: Warren Eagles CSI

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Warren’s work:

DI Film credits: Monsters of Man (2020) Forever First Love (2019) Project Eden Vol.1 (2017) Nice Package (2014) William Kelly’s War (2013), Circle of Lies (2012), The Sunset Six (2011), Blurred (2002)

Feature Mastering: George of the Jungle 2 (2003) Under the Radar (2003), Lock Stock and 2 Smoking Barrels (1997), Welcome to Sarajevo (1997)

TV credits: Offspring (2010/11) Rush (2010) Bed of Roses (2010)

Commercials credits: Qantas, Ford, Mitsubishi, Tooheys Extra Dry.

Music video credits: Megan Washington, Oasis, Verve, Powderfinger, ‘Meeting people is easy’ Radiohead Documentary



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