Yulien (Janice) Tso

About Janice Tso

Senior Digital Compositor / Compositing Tutor

Janice is an experienced compositor with graphic design background. Organization, problem solving, and affinity to aesthetics are second nature to her, which is why she enjoys this line of work so much.

She started doing compositing in mid-1990’s, which allowed her to learn about and experience the transition from optical to digital visual effects. After a hiatus from 2000 to 2007 in order to take care of family and earned a Master’s degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine in the mean time, she returned to visual effects after a series of opportunities. The first of which was a contract with The Foundry, assisting in the user interface design for Nuke’s commercial release. she learned Nuke then and fell in love with the application. The experience at The Foundry also provided her a deeper understanding of Nuke, which is helpful in using the tools more efficiently.

While she started out as a compositor for films, in recent years she's also done some commercials, even a couple of notable VR projects. she likes to keep her skills up to date to be ready for new challenges. And she's always excited to be working with other talented artists on interesting projects.

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